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Event Rentals - Decor, Props & Games

When it comes to making your event unique, we feel you should not be limited to what exists at your venue, instead, MMEink transforms any space into your dream venue with our extensive stock of rental inventory, furniture, accents, and décor. Whether you want to bring Hollywood to New York, turn your venue into a scene from your favorite film, or bring your ultimate creative visions to fruition, MMEink has the props to do so or the ability to fabricate them.

Lounge Furniture & Decor Rentals

MMEink maintains an exclusive inventory of lounge furniture and décor accents. Our services can accommodate all of your rental needs. We offer a wide selection of modern furnishings, rental bars, illuminated furniture and much more.

Custom furniture & décor rentals for private events and functions in the NYC area

Props & Scenic Displays Rentals

Complete with a dedicated scene and prop division, MMEink is a major resource for supplying rentals for the TV and movie industry. Our inventory of eclectic props contains authentic items from celebrated time periods and themed events.

Featured props and rental items add that extra touch and bring any event to life

Interactive Entertainment & Gaming Rentals

With an abundance of interactive gaming options to choose from, we are your primary source when planning your next event. We provide the very best in casino gaming, virtual reality, photo booths and photo activities, sporting games and much more.

Rent popular interactive gaming arcade equipment and consoles for your next event including Wii, Xbox and Playstation

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